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March with QuAIA at Pride!

June 30, 2010

Be a part of history! Here are the details for marching with Queers Against Israeli Apartheid at Pride this year:
When: Sunday, July 4th at 1:00pm
Where: Bloor Street East & Jarvis Street (staging area: section N #0)
QuAIA is calling on all our supporters: homos, queers, dykes, fags, trans folks, and allies to march with us at the Pride Parade on Sunday, July 4th.
We won the fight against the ban because of the radical and dedicated organizing of the queer community over the past month, and now it’s time to celebrate! We’re asking all supporters to “queer up” our contingent as we parade our politics against Israeli Apartheid through Toronto. Bring your sassy selves, in pink, green, and glitter!
Although the ban has been reversed, the occupation of Palestine and Israel’s apartheid policies are still in place.  More than ever, we need the queer community and the rest of Toronto to hear our message against Israeli apartheid, and to understand why this is a queer issue.  We need to speak out against the pinkwashing of the occupation, and call for queers of conscience to boycott tourism in Israel.
QuAIA is going to be the loudest and largest part of Pride this year! We have developed guidelines for anyone who plans on marching with us. We ask that you read them and share them with all marchers. If you have any questions, please e-mail: [email protected] Join us in our continuing movement in the campaign for boycotts, divestments and sanctions against Israeli apartheid.
Guidelines for marching with Queers Against Israeli Apartheid:

The Pride Coalition for Free Speech and QuAIA have agreed to march together with other allies and supporting groups.
Since the ban on QuAIA’s participation has been lifted, we do not expect problems from Pride marshals.
QuAIA and the Coalition have our own marshals, who will be identifiable. If you have any questions, ask them.
QuAIA and the Coalition are committed to marching peacefully, with slogans/behaviour that is progressive, non-violent, anti-racist and in the spirit of the political and celebratory roots of Pride.

Responding to harassment:

If an angry Israel supporter heckles/provokes you, don’t engage! Walk away, call out: “Can I get a witness?”
If you see a fellow marcher losing their temper, quietly remind them: “Don’t engage!”
Remember, if angry Israel supporters try to provoke you, don’t take the bait!
If a fellow marcher is acting weird (advocating violence, racist slogans, etc.) they’re probably a provocateur. Don’t confront them yourself — tell a QuAIA/Coalition marshall immediately.


We are not anticipating problems with the police, but given the G20, nothing is impossible.
If a cop confronts you for any reason, don’t engage. Ask if you are free to go. If they say yes, walk away, calling out: “Can I get a witness?”
If they say no, do not resist. You don’t have to answer any questions beyond your name, address and date of birth. If you are arrested, ask for your phone call and call legal support.
If you see someone being arrested, don’t intervene yourself. Tell QuAIA/Coalition marshals. Peacefully support them with chants and cameras.
In the unlikely event that we are prevented from marching, QuAIA/Coalition marshals will negotiate on our behalf. They will decide what’s next.
If QuAIA/Coalition marshalls announce “Sit down for your rights”, you have two choices: walk away peacefully, or sit down (and maybe get arrested). Decide in advance what your choice is. If you have outstanding warrants, vulnerable immigration status or serious health problems, please don’t risk arrest.
Carrying recreational drugs could compound charges against you.
We aren’t trained in civil disobedience (going limp, passive resistance, being carried away). If cops say they’re arresting you, don’t talk back. Just get up of your own accord and walk away with them.

Legal support:

We will distribute legal support numbers. Write the number on your arm in case your belongings are taken.
Lawyers are standing by in the very unlikely instance that there are arrests.
If you are arrested you only have to give your name, address, and date of birth. You have the right to know why you are being arrested and to speak to a lawyer immediately upon arrest.
Charges will probably be fines (disturbing the peace, blocking traffic) with a court date down the road.

And on a lighter note, here are some other things we are working on for Pride:
Saturday, July 3, 2010 at 1:30 p.m.: QuAIA members will be marching in the Dyke March with Dykes & Trans People for Palestine. Meet outside the 519 Church Street Community Centre. (Facebook group)
We have t-shirts to sell for $15 each (or two for $25). Make a fierce statement at Pride this year!


Queers Against Israeli Apartheid wins battle against censorship

June 23, 2010


Queers Against Israeli Apartheid congratulates Toronto’s LGBT community for successfully reversing censorship at the 2010 Pride Parade. Pride Toronto announced today that it would not censor the term ‘Israeli apartheid’ from the parade.

“This is a victory for the Palestine solidarity movement, which has faced censorship and bullying tactics from the Israel lobby for far too long,” says Tim McCaskell, a member of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. “The Israel lobby learned a tough lesson today about our community’s proud history of standing up to censorship and human rights abuses.”

In May, Pride Toronto had announced that it would censor the term in response to pressure from the City of Toronto and Israel lobby groups. In response, Dr. Alan Li rejected the title of grand marshal for the 2010 parade and Jane Farrow refused her appointment as Honoured Dyke.

The decision to censor Queers Against Israeli Apartheid was met with widespread condemnation from the LGBT community, including Olympic gold medalist Mark Tewksbury, the 519 Church Street Community Centre, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and 23 current and former Pride honourees, who returned their awards in protest.


June 28: Sex Inter/National

June 23, 2010


June 29: Cabaret and Afterparty at Lee’s Palace

June 23, 2010

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid and the Pride Coalition for Free Speech present…

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Arab queers say NO to pinkwashing at US Social Forum

June 17, 2010
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