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QuAIA organizes only in the Toronto area and does not have any branches, affiliates, or chapters.


April 15, 2011, Xtra!: Jewish Defense League holds protest at Pride Toronto: “We’ll be back, fags!”: JDL member

April 15, 2011, Toronto Star: Queers Against Israeli Apartheid quits Pride parade and issues challenge to mayor

April 15, 2011, Xtra!: QuAIA withdraws from Pride Toronto parade

April 15, 2011, NOW: Pride Pullout

April 15, 2011, Torontoist: QuAIA withdraws from Pride parade

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April 15, 2011, InsideToronto: Controversial group opts out of Pride parade

April 15, 2011, CBC: ‘Israeli Apartheid’ group pulls out of Toronto Pride

April 15, 2011, National Post: QuAIA pulls out of Pride Parade, challenges Mayor Ford

April 15, 2011, Toronto Sun: ‘Israeli apartheid’ group bows out of Pride parade

April 15, 2011, Toronto Observer: Controversial group did the right thing to bow out of Pride, Rev. Brent Hawkes says

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April 14, 2011, Toronto Sun: Toronto can’t proudly fund a hateful Pride parade: editorial

April 14, 2011, Toronto Star: Pride and “Israeli apartheid”, a guide to the controversy

April 14, 2011, Toronto Sun: Pride faces fund cuts over “Israeli apartheid”

April 14, 2011, Jewish Telegraphic Agency: City funding OK for parade including Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, says Toronto official

April 14, 2011, National Post: Ford warns of cuts to Pride funds

April 14, 2011, Toronto Life: Pride Festival still in Mammoliti’s crosshairs despite city staff declining to call “Israeli Apartheid” hate speech

April 14, 2011: InsideToronto: Mayor, councillor to fight against group in Pride parade

April 13, 2011: CityNews: “Israeli apartheid” deemed not discriminatory; one councillor disagrees

April 13, 2011: Xtra!: City Manager releases report on “Israeli apartheid”

April 13, 2011: Xtra!: Pride Toronto still ‘vulnerable’

April 13, 2011: CBC: No Pride funding if “Israeli apartheid” group marches: Holyday

April 13, 2011: CTV: ‘Israeli apartheid’ phrase not discriminatory: city staff

April 13, 2011: Toronto Star: Phrase “Israeli apartheid” not discriminatory: city manager

April 13, 2011: Globe and Mail: Toronto report finds “Israeli apartheid” does not promote hatred

April 13, 2011: Torontoist: “Israeli apartheid” doesn’t violate city’s anti-discrimination policy

April 13, 2011: Torono Sun: “Israeli apartheid” term OK, city rules

April 13, 2011: Globe and Mail: Chain saws, street meat, apartheid, and gayness

April 13, 2011: Xtra!: Jewish Defense League likens gays to Nazis

April 8, 2011: Xtra!: Sun removes Levy from Pride beat pending Council vote

April 6, 2011: Xtra!: Levy urges Jewish leaders to press City to defund Pride Toronto

March 16, 2011, rabble.ca: Judith Butler speaks about BDS at Toronto Israeli Apartheid Week

March 11, 2011, Xtra!: Whose lives matter? An interview with Judith Butler

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July 2, 2010, This Magazine: Yet another Pride scandal: the marginalization of Blackness Yes!

July 2, 2010, Toronto Star: Pride parade risks becoming a political battleground

July 1, 2010, Electronic Intifada: Queers Against Israeli Apartheid refuse to be silenced

July 1, 2010, rabble.ca: Pride Toronto reverses its decision to ban QuAIA

June 30, 2010, Eye Weekly: Politic, meet body

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May 22, 2010: National Post, Pride bans anti-Israel wording from parade

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May 21, 2010: Toronto Star, Pride prohibits phrase “Israeli apartheid”

May 21, 2010: Toronto Sun, Pride parade gives boot to anti-Israel group

May 21, 2010: Xtra!, Pride Toronto kind of sort of bans Queers Against Israeli Apartheid

May 16, 2010: Mostly Water, Reclaiming Pride and Challenging White Privilege in Queer Organizing

May 14, 2010: Xtra!, Council motion still looms as Pride Toronto dilemma comes to a head

May 14, 2010: Pembazuka, Pride Toronto asked to ban Queers Against Israeli Apartheid

May 14, 2010: Xtra!, Council motion still looms as Pride Toronto dilemma comes to a head

May 13, 2010: Xtra!, Pride Toronto plans to censor the term ‘Queers Against Israeli Apartheid’

May 12, 2010: Xtra!, City of Toronto defers Pride funding motion

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May 11, 2010: rabble.ca, We can’t ALL be anti-Semites, can we?

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April 29, 2010: Xtra!, Pride Toronto and QuAIA ignore Mammoliti ultimatum

April 29, 2010: National Post, Pride Toronto won’t rule out Queers Against Israeli Apartheid group

April 28, 2010: modkraft.dk, Israel-Palæstina konflikten skaber splid om pride-parade

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April 22, 2010: Ha’aretz, Anti-Israel group could cost Toronto Gay Pride parade its funding

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March 17, 2010: Xtra!, FREE free expression guidelines for Pride Toronto

March 16, 2010: Xtra!, Pride Toronto developing “free expression policy”

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June 29, 2009: rabble.ca, RabbleTV coverage of QuAIA at Pride

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June 20, 2009: Vancouver Coop Radio’s Redeye, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid

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June 3, 2009: Ryerson Free Press, An Army of Lovers Cannot Fail

May 31, 2009: rabble.ca, Pride Toronto stands its ground against pro-Israel lobbyists

May 29, 2009: Xtra!, Not Banned After All

May 29, 2009: Toronto Star, Jewish group slams anti-Israel gays

May 29, 2009: National Post, Political banners OK with Pride Toronto

May 28, 2009: Xtra!, Canadian filmmaker boycotts Tel Aviv’s queer film fest

May 27, 2009: National Post, Toronto Pride organizers ban anti-Zionist group [This story was false. See Pride Toronto’s clarification.]

May 27, 2009: rabble.ca, Pro-Israel lobbyists threaten funding for Toronto’s gay pride


April 26, 2010: Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, City’s Threat to Pride Toronto Condemned Internationally

April 23, 2010: Palestinian Queers for BDS, Palestinian Queers for BDS statement on QuAIA and City of Toronto threats

April 20, 2010: Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, LGBT Community Condemns Sponsor Interference in Pride Toronto [PDF]

June 2, 2009: Canadian Arab Federation, QuAIA should be part of Toronto Pride parade [PDF]

June 2, 2009: Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, CAIA Toronto applauds Toronto Pride’s decision not to ban anti-apartheid queer group from parade

June 27, 2009: Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, LGBT Community Comes Out Against Israeli Apartheid in Pride Parades [PDF]