Michael Lucas’s résumé of pinkwashing and Islamophobia

  • Lucas performs in Israel during its brutal invasion of Lebanon to “entertain gay Israelis in a time of war,” where he offers free admission to all soldiers of the Israeli Defence Force (2006)
  • Porn producer Charles Merrill publicly burns a Qu’ran, and gets “saluted” by Lucas “for his artistic and social bravery in burning a Koran” (2007)
  • Lucas declares the Qu’ran the modern day “Mein Kampf” that encourages Muslims to kill gays and Jews (2008)
  • Lucas goes big time producing and filming the pinkwashing romp, “Men of Israel.” He calls the film “a bold move to promote Israeli culture and tourism” and “free PR for Israel.” Lucas shoots the film with a 100% Israeli Jewish cast “on location” in Israel, including in an ethnically cleansed Palestinian Village.  Boner killer. (2009)
  • Lucas brings you straight to the goods by running gay tours of Israel through his own tour company as part of Lucas Entertainment in partnership with Israeli tour company Ofakim Travel and Tours. (2009 – 2011)
  • Lucas pens a tirade about “Queers for Palestine” in The Advocate stating: “some gay people hate Jews to the point that they are ready to unite with people [Muslims] who are killing their own kind to fight and protest what they consider a common enemy. They would make a pact with their own enemy, with their own murderers, against the Jewish state. This is what ”Queers for Palestine” is for. In response, the homosexual and Jewish communities should unite against Islam; for it is the Muslims who seek the death of all gays and Jews.” (2009)
  • Lucas takes it to the streets marching with an Israeli Delegation at the NYC Pride Festival, which he makes sure to capture on film and release. (2010)
  • Lucas gets worried about the democratic revolution in Egypt and calls us all to arms for Israel and US values:  “It’s a good thing gays can now serve openly in the U.S. military. They may be finding themselves in the Middle East defending Western values and interests against the forces of evil that today are masquerading as protesters for a so-called democratic Egypt.” (2011)
  • Lucas’ personal website sums it up: “Michael Lucas is a strong advocate for the Jewish nation. He has marched in many pro-Israeli protests and has passionately denounced the intolerance and barbarity of the Islamic countries that surround Israel.”